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Plastic Ballpens with Twist Action


MDSB - Mandi Ballpen

Satin finish twist-action ballpen with frosted highlights.
The ideal choice for corporate promotions.

Mandi Ballpen

SISB - Signature Ballpen

Twist-action retractable ballpen with gilt clip.
A favourite for corporate events and hotel industry.

Signature Ballpen

MRSB - Monarch Ballpen

Quality twist-action ballpen with a minimalist approach to colour.

Monarch Ballpen

GFSB - Griffe Ballpen

Twist-action ballpen with coloured rings.
Bespoke assembly of rings available

Griffe Ballpen

SDCE - Sidewinder Colour Extra Ballpen

Matt twist-action ballpen with silver trim. Generous print area on barrel and clip.

Sidewinder Colour Extra Ballpen

ONTB - Onda Twist Ballpen

Twist-action ballpen in classical colours and gilt trim. Jumbo refill is fitted as standard.

Onda Twist Ballpen

E2SB - Esse 2 Ballpen

Attractive twist-action ballpen with coloured trim and chrome rings.

Esse 2 Ballpen

E2GB - Esse 2 Grip Ballpen

Quality twist-action ballpen with soft rubber grip and translucent rings.

Esse 2 Grip Ballpen