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Terms and Conditions


All prices are subject to origination costs, carriage and VAT.

Average Lead Time

The average lead time means the average amount of time to produce 1000pcs in a single colour print from receipt of your signed and approved order acknowledgement. We reserve the right to offer an alternative product of similar price if there is a stock shortage.

Metallic Inks

Gold and Silver inks have a reduced life due to their formulation. No guarantee for adhesion or longevity can be given on these colours. You can ask for an over-varnish to improve their wear resistance.

Inspection upon Receipt

All goods received by you or your client must be inspected within 3 working days of delivery and any shortages or quality issues reported to the supplier (the company you placed your order with) in writing. On no account can the goods be distributed by you until you are satisfied that they are of merchantable quality. No discounts or compensation will be given once the products have been distributed.

Defective Goods

In the event that we agree that defective goods were supplied, we will replace the goods at our cost. We will not accept any claims for consequential loss.