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Recycling Projects



Maize -

From corn starch, a revolutionary biodegradable material called Mater-Bi has been developed. Mater-Bi leaves no metal or toxic residue, thanks to its natural composition. During composting, micro-organisms transform Mater-Bi into water, carbon dioxide and humus at a degradation rate similar to that of paper.


Mineral water bottles made from PET are reduced to flakes, granulated, dehumidified, extruded, quenched and solidified to create a substance called ECO-REC, a new eco-friendly material which can be made into pens and other products.



Tetrapak Containers -

The aluminium foil layer sandwiched between the polyethylene and paper contained in Tetrapak containers eg. milk cartons is extruded and separated from the fibre stock which is re-used for paper manufacture. The recovered aluminium and plastic is used to produce the Tetrapak Recycled range of products featured in the Eco-Firendly section.