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Special Customisation

There are three new exciting members to the Allegra family which now allow you to customise and personalise your selected product for that unique corporate look.

colourise your ideas with the -

There are seven different components to the Allegra Ballpen.
Each component is available in a choice of 12 colours so the Allegra Fantasia Colour System allows you to create a customised look for almost every corporate occasion.
Please ask for details.
Minimum quantity 1000pcs.

components -

Components consist of:-
1.Nose Cone
2.Rubber Grip
6.Push Button
7.Button Top

examples -

rotate your message with the -

The Allegra Swing displays your message in rotational increments each time the push-button is depressed. The inner tube can be printed with up to four colours. The transparent barrel can also be over-printed to create an overall stunning effect.
Minimum quantity 5000pcs.

here's how it works... -

and for that corporate look -

There are three shapes of logo clip:-
circular, square or elliptical to accommodate almost every corporate logo.
Minimum quantity for standard shape logo clips is 5,000pcs.
Alternatively, you can enhance the personalisation of the Allegra by having a Logo Clip moulded specially to your own design.
Minimum quantity for customised clips is 10,000pcs.

standard and customised clips -